Commercial Development

Dale Jorgenson and Jay Janssen worked together again in the recent development of Knoxville Avenue (Illinois Route 40) and Alta Road. Mr. Janssen had owned the property since the early 1970s and had it zoned C2 commercial before it was brought in to the City of Peoria. As Mr. Jorgenson created subdivisions and rooftops in nearby residential areas, the time came for some commercial use at the Knoxville-Alta corner. In 2008, Schnucks Grocery Stores began the purchase of the Janssen Farms commercial property and Methodist Medical Center purchased roughly 17 acres just to the north at the corner of Knoxville and Wilhelm Road. Schnucks completed its purchase of the commercial ground in 2010 and, by last account, looks to open a new store at that location.

In the late 1990s Dale Jorgenson had a group of investors who were interested in developing a large baseball/softball complex in north Peoria. In the course of identifying possible sites for that property, Mr. Jorgenson approached the Bell family regarding property they owned on North Allen Road near Illinois Route 6. Unfortunately, the sports complex never developed but Mr. Jorgenson was able to secure the listing on the Bell farm. Not long after he had the listing, Mr. Jorgenson was approached by representatives from Wal-Mart about developing the site. The Wal-Mart developers had been interested in the site in the past but this time a price was agreed to and the negotiations began with the City of Peoria. Though Wal-Mart’s development team handled the bulk of the approval process, Dale Jorgenson represented the interests of the sellers and the project was approved. Wal-Mart is open for business on North Allen Road and this development reaffirmed Mr. Jorgenson’s philosophy that with every call comes opportunity.